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 Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum

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Where: The corner of Main Street and Mill Street in Greenville, CA. 95947
Right in the heart of Greenville and on Main Street in the business district of the community is the 1877 Bransford McIntyre Dry Goods Warehouse, and it is now the Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum. On the corner of Mill and Main, and just off of Highway 89. Come down Main Street and see the museum.

Who We Are: Local Residents that share a passion for the History of Greenville.
A group of dedicated volunteers made up of Greenville and Indian Valley citizens that have come together to finish the old warehouse and transform it into the museum. Many people from all walks of life make up this community, some live here full time, while others come here when the weather is less abrasive, and together make wonderful displays that enlighten and educate visitors, and locals alike about the great and varied history of Greenville, and its surrounding areas.

What We Do: A series of lectures and presentations pertaining to Greenville and Indian Valley.
History night at the museum is a series of educational presentations that highlights a particular decade of time here in Greenville, and guest speakers come to share knowledge of particular events that happened at that time. The timeline wall highlights photographs and important events that happen in Greenville from all decades. You can see displays and artifacts from past years, always neatly kept and on display.