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 Indian Valley Barn Quilt Tour

2018 will be our Seventh Annual Barn Quilt Tour, October , 2018 this year you will be able to tour the Indian Valley and see all of the new additions to our Barn Quilt Trail. Come to Plumas County and Enjoy the variety of Quilt patterns and colors! Printed maps are available through Sterling Sage in Greenville, California. 530.284.7334 Josh or Jeff, or the chamber office: 530.284.6633

Greenville, California,

Greenville, California has many of the Barn Quilts featured on the Plumas County Barn Quilt Tour!
The one pictured here is on the Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum, our 1877 Bransford McIntyre Dry Goods Warehouse located on the corner of Mill and Main Streets in downtown Greenville. As you wander through town you will see many on Main Street and other places in Greenville. Colorful and Expressive is the Best way to describe these quilts, not shy in color or design.

The Waystation Barn Quilt!

This classic star pattern barn quilt is done in very non traditional colors. They are what makes this quilt so Unique and Beautiful. Lovely to look at and stunning in contrast to the local color scheme of a mountain town in the middle of the Plumas National Forest. This quilt adorns the side of the Waystation, our only full service liquor establishment in Greenville. Come and visit and see if the Tiki Bar is open! This quilt and business will not disappoint. Quality quilt blocks and Great customer service makes this a must see.

Centella and Ken Tucker

If you leave Main Street Greenville and head towards Round Valley Road, you will be on Sounth Main Street. As you head towards Round Valley Road on the left you will see this Great Americana Barn Quilt on an old structure that is on the Tucker's land. It's Beautifully painted by Centella, who in her own right is a Wonderful quilt artist, in the cloth type of quilts! She has chosen to share this pretty red, white and blue quilt inside a gold star. Nicely done Centella.

May contain: rug and art

This barn quilt is 8'x8' painted on plywood and is entitled "Bubbles" It is as the name would suggest a series of circles of all different sizes and colors. There are only a few black ones and a few lavender ones, but most of them are burgundy, green, yellow, with a gray trim border. This is on a large barn at the Walking G Ranch as you drive towards Genesee, California. Designed and Painted by Jeff Luke Titcomb of Greenville, CA. 95947

May contain: nature, outdoors, building, barn, farm, countryside, and rural

Just to North of Greenville on Williams Valley Road, towards Copper Creek Camp is this Red, White and Blue, Lively barn quilt. Most will miss this one as it's tucked just off the road a bit. Enjoy the scenery here and the horses that reside in the small meadow. One of the best ever sunset pictures i've taken is in this very location!

May contain: nature, outdoors, building, housing, countryside, and rural

This Beautiful pinwheel quilt is just the most colorful. I chose to put it on the Granary at the Heart K Ranch. This Historic building and Historic property sits 4.5 miles past the Genesee Store and has 2 barn quilts on the property. The other one is on the Big red barn on the property and is titled "Maidu Butterfly" a design by Trish and Mavis of Indian Valley. Both of the quilts here are Stunning and so is the scenery, come take a look and judge for yourself the beauty of the quilts and the soul lifting ability of such a historic place!