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Located on the far side of Indian Valley, Taylorsville traces its heritage to Job T. Taylor, who settled here in 1852. A picturesque settlement that has changed little over the years, it possesses a charm that many find irresistible. This picturesque town includes a museum, a volunteer fire department, elementary school, church, several business establishments including a general store, a gift store, a campground, and a post office which serve the needs of residents and visitors.
Located on the road to Antelope Lake, the town receives a large number of tourists during the busy summer season. The annual Fourth of July Parade and Silver Buckle Rodeo, as well as the annual Solar Cook-Off, which occurs the second weekend of July, draw crowds from a wide area. A historical marker fashioned from a millstone brought around Cape Horn, and used in the first flour mill built in the Pacific Northwest, stands in front of the elementary school west of town.

A slideshow of Taylorsville by Richard McCutcheon can be found here.